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Theft has reached epidemic proportions in Britain with more offences taking place every week, with burglary, robbery and vehicle crime also on the increase. To help protect your home and business against such crimes Dec-Elec Electrical services offers a range of security options.
Here at Dec-Elec we carry out Security Camera installation and repairs, for all makes and models of security cameras dependent on your budget. We tailor each design to suit the needs of each individual customer, with full involvement from planning right through to commissioning.

Some questions for you to achieve a tailor-made installation

Why do you need to install a CCTV camera system?

To record access by security cameras in a driveway, a building. a shop, an office, a car park or an employee working area? Do you require vehicle number plate recognition? Do you require facial recognition?

How do you want images stored for a CCTV system?

Images can be stored on the camera itself, on a computer or on a digital video recorder (DVR). The output from an IP camera is digital and is recorded without change; the output from an analogue camera is first digitised and then stored. DVRs and computer software offer the ability to record multiple channels, i.e. images from several cameras at the same time, regardless of the camera type

Do you need to access your CCTV images remotely while abroad?

Do you want to receive email or text alerts if suspicious activity is detected by your CCTV system? IP cameras can be connected to the internet to relay images anywhere, and both IP cameras and DVRs have the capability for motion detection, this avoids needless recording when no motion is present, and allows rapid access to specific recordings

Do you want the facility for voice announcements and listening in?

This is available and gives you communication via loudspeakers, and also records speech and noises on your system.

The integration of a CCTV system can be carried out with other security and lighting systems, to ensure you have maximum control of the areas surrounding your premises.